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Write a script including: Introduction Content (Listed below) Conclusion Refer

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Write a script including:

Content (Listed below)
Reference Page
In-text Citations

and record a 3- to 5-minute video or podcast.

Content should include the 2 questions below:

In what ways might teacher leadership in a global society be similar and different to teacher leadership in an individual society?
What might it mean to be a teacher leader in an educational system outside of the United States? How does that compare to teacher leadership in the United States?

Include the following details in your response:

Your definition of the term, global society
2 examples of teacher leaders in educational systems outside of the United States
A process, a practice, and a purpose of a teacher leader in a global society
The levels of strength you currently have with the identified process, practice, and purpose
A process, practice, or purpose you could develop, and how you would develop it
How you foresee the development of this process, practice, or purpose improving your leadership in your classroom or school

Note: You may find resources for video or podcast recording in the Technology Resources Library.

Submit your assignment.

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All rights reserved.One responsibility of a teacher leader is to continually research methods that could be used by you and your colleagues to enhance learning experiences for all students. In this assignment, you research information about global learning that can be used to advance your school community.
Note from your faculty:
I expect you to use Word friendly documents. This is so I can use University tools to grade your assignments and give you strong and effective feedback.
I do not accept the following and the reason why:
pdf’s – this document cannot go through Grammarly.
Screenshots of any portion of the assignment – this document cannot go through SafeAssign or Grammarly.
Links to your assignment – this does not go through SafeAssign or Grammarly and quite often I cannot open the document
Google Doc – this does not go through SafeAssign or Grammarly and quite often I cannot open the document.
I look at SafeAssign checking for plagiarism. Although you need to use research and/or our weekly readings, your assignments also need to be your own thoughts and ideas supported by research and/or our weekly readings. You should try to keep the information you use from research and/or our weekly readings at approximately 20%. That is an approximation.

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