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Case Study: The executive management team of the XYZ Company recently approved f

by | Aug 19, 2022 | IT, Web | 0 comments


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Case Study:
The executive management team of the XYZ Company recently approved funding for a data communications network to support the expansion of business operations and to optimize its current network. You have been provided with the following information to support your needs assessment.
The XYZ Company currently has 1 corporate headquarters building supporting 300 end users that are currently using Windows 7 computers that are interconnected using unshielded twisted pair cables connected via RJ45 connection wall outlets and managed with hubs. End users frequently complain about slow response time on the network. The corporate headquarters also is the organizations sole data center. The data center contains 30 standalone servers running Windows Server, 10 HP UNIX servers, a rack of routers and switches, and a distributed power supply.
A new office will be built in a neighboring city approximately 40 miles away and support 125 new end users. This office will contain human resource and corporate finance employees.
A new warehouse will be built in a nearby state that is approximately 200 miles away and will support 25 end users as well as serve as a redundant data center to support hot site backups and load balancing systems for the network and its servers.
The project has been forecasted to cost $500,000 and you have been offered a performance bonus in which you will receive 10% of any cost saved within the initial budget as a one-time cash payout.
Your boss has asked you for a formation presentation with the following format:
Slide 1: Cover slide with name, course information, unit number and date.
Slide 2: Summary of your feasibility study to include the project background, scope, objectives, intended users, and design assumptions.
Slide 3-4: Network needs analysis to include transmission speed requirements, load variation estimates, storage requirements, and reliability requirements.
Slide 5: A network design created in MS Visio that shows the high level design of each location and how they are to be interconnected to each other.
Slide 6-7: A list of product recommendations to include the product name, cost and performance measures for desktop computer replacements, new switches, new routers, and other equipment that you would recommend.
Slide 8: A summary cost analysis table created using a PowerPoint table or imported from MS Excel. This table should include the product, price, quantity, and total price for each hardware component you will purchase for the network optimization and expansion project. Please also include a summary total.
Slide 9: Citations in APA format

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