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Part 1 – Data Tables Using the spreadsheet file that you created in Module 1, id

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Part 1 – Data Tables Using the spreadsheet file that you created in Module 1, identify the food items, for which portion amounts are recorded as greater than ‘1’ in your food log. In a new sheet, create one-variable data tables for these food items. Data tables should calculate the amounts of calories relevant to the number of portions. The input values for the number of portions should run between ‘1’ and the value recorded in your food log. For example, if the number of portions for some food item has been recorded as ‘5’ in your food log, then input values in a data table would be integers from 1 to 5. For each previously selected food item, create a two-variable data table that calculates the amounts of calories based on various portion sizes and the number of portions. As in the previous step, the maximum number of portions should agree with the corresponding value of the item in your food log. Note: Refer to the Food Table sheet from Module 1 for alternative portion sizes for considered food items. Part 2 – Scenarios Using Scenario Manager, create a set of scenarios for projecting the results of calculations in your food log table. Note: Save the initial values as “Original values” scenario. Next, in a new sheet, generate a scenario summary report. Part 3 – Summary Report In a document, using 3-4 sentences, explain the role of one and two-variable data tables in a data analysis process as applied to your model. Briefly describe your approach for building scenarios. Clarify whether you chose to eliminate certain food items from your menu or to reduce the portion sizes, and why. In 3-4 sentences, discuss whether a scenario summary report contains all information necessary for making an adequate decision. Submit both the Excel workbook and a Word document for this activity.

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