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magine that you’re engaged in a debate about gun control on social media. You ma

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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magine that you’re engaged in a debate about gun control on social media. You may have grown up in a community where gun violence has destroyed lives and families, and you may have very strong opinions about how gun purchases should be regulated. You’re finding it hard to understand why others wouldn’t agree. image of one thumb in up position signaling like, another in the downward position signaling dislike. But then you remember that some of your friends grew up in rural areas where hunting is a family tradition. Even though you still believe that guns should be regulated, acknowledging the reason others may have viewpoints that oppose your own helps you modify your argument. When you consider how gun control might affect hunters, you can include information in your own argument that encourages them to consider their perspectives in a new way. It might seem surprising, but when it comes to persuasive communication, acknowledging other perspectives can actually strengthen your arguments and boost your credibility with any audience. By including opposing views, you show respect for your opponents and make your own arguments more credible and convincing, which improves your overall communication! LAST WEEK… You strengthened your communication skill by exploring credibility and emotional appeals. You also explored how to target messages to specific audiences to increase their persuasiveness. THIS WEEK… You’ll explore how informal persuasion works in the real world, and you’ll strengthen your communication skill in several different ways by improving your persuasive abilities. In Chapter 7, you’ll learn how to use evidence to persuade in your informal writing, and you’ll discover how to give your arguments more persuasive clout by addressing other points of view. Finally, you’ll begin Assignment 3 by using prewriting strategies to shape your content based on your audience and purpose. COMING UP… Next week you’ll discover how to use different types of appeals to persuade different types of audiences, and you’ll experience how prewriting can strengthen your communication skill and improve your final product.

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