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This is a political science class, so even though the email should be about the

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Political Science | 0 comments


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This is a political science class, so even though the email should be about the reading – which is about feminism within international relations. The author Zalewksi has written heaps about women and democracy and is an expert on it. Conversation response email Assignment length: 1000 words Assignment Task/Instructions: Write a response email addressed to anyone you encountered in the course material from Week 1-6 (at least 1000 words, not more than 1300 words if you help it). This can be authors, people that appeared in recordings of the conversations I had with them or in other course material; it can also be just a passing figure in the reading, fictive or real, but the addressee must actually appear in the Week 1-6 course material. What do you want to tell them? What do you want to share with about what you learn from them, what you learned despite of them, or what you learned that might be of interest to them? While demonstrating knowledge of the course material and synthesising them effectively is the goal, the point however is not to be comprehensive. Write it just like you will/can send this email, and perhaps you will, who knows? The point then of the Assignment is to get you to be reflective and demonstrate your understanding of the ideas that emerged and readings you have done for these weeks. Ensure you offer your own definition AND questions of democracy. (1) This is an email response – so best pretend you are actually going to send this email to the person(s) you are addressing (and who knows, maybe you will?). This would create a better headspace for writing something that is genuine, real, and more than ‘just an academic exercise for the course’. (2) Remember this is a global politics-political theory course on democracy, so engage the conversations from that space – yes, you can focus on local/NZ politics but it is then about linking things up – conceptually and also attentive to global structure/histories that have been introduced to you by the Conversations. Challenging these frameworks is also very welcome, just unpack your position clearly and generously (3) Synthesis: put the people and readings/resources from different weeks in conversation – demonstrate your ability to digest and synthesize ideas and questions to develop your own questions/line of conversation and interrogation (4) Citation: yes, needs to be in there, either as just an add-on at the end of the email, or in-text + hyperlinked, or whatever works for you (5) Write and write in a way that you need to: Consider this as prep work for your final project (staging your own conversation and writing about it) so key in this assignment (and all your assignments really) is: What do YOU want to get out it? How do YOU think/want to write (see Week 5)? The reading is – Marysia Zalewksi, Feminist International Relations: Exquisite Corpse, 2013, pp116-129.

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