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You have been hired to manage the IT network team of Conway Design Firm. Your te

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You have been hired to manage the IT network team of Conway Design Firm. Your team is responsible for designing, setting up, and implementing Windows Server 2016 for the organization. Conway Design Firm has two sites, one in New York City and one in Maryland. You are responsible for determining how Windows Server 2016 will be deployed and set up at both sites. You will be expected to design a deployment solution as well as implement the solution for the organization. The company would like to implement the use of virtual machines in the areas where it would be prove most efficient. Conway currently has 60 employees. The employees and departments are listed below: Management Team—5 managers Sales Department—12 employees Design Team—15 employees Human Resources—3 employees IT Staff—4 employees (who manage day-to-day IT duties) Other general project information: Sites: There are two sites—Maryland and New York Equipment: Networking equipment/computers already exist at both locations Please make appropriate assumptions regarding any information gaps in this case scenario. In addition, feel free to add relevant information needed for deploying Windows Server 2016. PROJECT GUIDELINES Adhere to the following guidelines for your project: Your paper should be between 2500 and 3300 words long (approximately 10 to 12 pages, double-spaced). This length excludes the title page as well as graphics, diagrams, tables, and the references page. Font size should be 12 point; use a readable font such as Times Roman or Arial. Use at least five credible resources, and format them according to APA style. For up to two of your references you may use TestOut material or other study materials from this course; the remainder must be external references. Use diagrams and visuals, as appropriate, to demonstrate your solution. Your report must include the following sections and fully address the related topics. Use the following outline format for your report. Introduction: Briefly summarize the highlights of your solution, and list some of the primary reasons behind your plan. (You will discuss this in greater depth in the conclusion.) Features of Windows Server 2016: Explain in detail the features that your team plans to utilize. Server Editions and Deployment: Your solution should answer the following questions: Which edition of WIndows Server will be implemented for all sites, divisions, offices, and so on? Where will the servers be located? Why was this location chosen? How will the servers be deployed? Explain the deployment process. What services and roles will be utilized to deploy the servers? Storage Solution What type of storage will be used? Discuss storage spaces. Active Directory Deployment How many Active Directory domains will be created? How will the sites be created? How will data be duplicated between the sites? How will the organizational units be organized? DNS and DHCP: Explain the following How will DHCP be setup? Explain scopes and number of DHCP server needed. Fault tolerance for DHCP. Exclusions and reservations DNS namespace and zones Virtualization Implementation Where will virtual machines be used and for what purpose? Provide a rationale. Monitoring File and Printer Sharing Number of printers and locations Printer permissions File and folder permissions needed NTFS/share permissions Group Policies What types of group policies are needed? Password policies Audit policies User rights Conclusion and Security Recommendations: In a concluding section, justify your solutions with reference to best practices as well as each solution’s appropriateness for the given scenario, providing rationales. In addition, please provide three to four key recommendations for baseline security hardening of Windows Server 2016 as it relates to your solution.

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