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Will add attachments. Something at my work thats a problem- low salaries, no sta

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Will add attachments. Something at my work thats a problem- low salaries, no staffing, low morale, burnout. NOTE: Before beginning this assignment, please carefully review the instructions for Paper 7 into which this assignment will feed, including its supporting documents in the Course Resources. For Paper 2, you will write a memorandum addressed to your instructor: (1) describing an actual problem in your office, school, church, or volunteer organization that you do not have the authority to correct; (2) identifying the specific decision maker (by name and position) who can act on a researched report you propose to write for your final project, which will be Paper 7; (3) proposing your solution; (4) including a list of research sources in APA format of at least three of your required eight specific sources (not just generic statements such as, “I plan to use articles from the newspaper and the web”); and (5) a Gantt Chart depicting the timing of your expected progress on the problem-solving researched proposal you are asking permission to pursue as the final paper in this course. Use the underlined words/phrases in the numbered list above as the headings in the body of your memorandum to your instructor. Include an introduction paragraph explaining why you are writing, and a conclusion with a clear call to action or request. Make sure that the issue or problem you address is a LOCAL one for which your report might actually do some good in your workplace, school, church, educational institution, non-profit organization, etc. You cannot solve the national debt crisis or issues such as immigration, abortion, or climate change with a brief class project. Grading criteria: Describes the problem or project you want to work on and explain its significance Explains your proposed solution in adequate detail Describes the benefits of your research to your organization At least three appropriate sources in APA format Summarizes research from your cited sources Correct Gantt Chart with adequate detail Uses emphatic, concise, fluent sentences Contains no proofreading errors

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