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Share with us your own background and experience with culture. Have issues relat

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Education | 0 comments


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Share with us your own background and experience with culture. Have issues related to race, ethnicity, ability, age or gender ever presented challenges in your school or professional experience? Please add a relevant faith integration component, quotes, and/or other outside research for full credit. Also, please attach your cultural identity poster when it is complete so your classmates can view it (just don’t forget to submit the assignment to the instructor so it can be graded!). Then respond to the postings of at least two other classmates. An excellent initial posting will be about one page long (about 250 words), submitted by Friday evening at midnight, address the prompt thoroughly, be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and include an element of faith integration and/or outside research. If you include a faith integration component, please avoid simply adding a Biblical reference; you need to address and explain some aspects of the topic using the lens of faith. Your responses to classmates (about 250 words for BOTH) should be posted no later than Sunday evening at midnight. No discussion board postings will be accepted later than one week after the due date. Please paste your response directly into the thread, no attachments, please. An important note on formatting for the discussion boards in this class: Formatting requirements for discussion board postings are somewhat more relaxed than a traditional assignment, but some basic standards are requested for professionalism and the convenience of your classmates. *It is recommended that you compose your posting in a word document with regular font and spacing so you have a copy (just in case!) and so you can use spell and grammar check. However, when it is complete please do not attach it to the discussion board, but copy and paste it instead. *Also, you are not required to create a reference page if you are using your textbooks for the course as long as you make it clear which text you are using. If, however, you include information from a source other than your textbooks you should provide a reference for that source at the end of your posting.

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