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(this is a comprehension ,based on the U.K’s national curriculum for primary sch

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(this is a comprehension ,based on the U.K’s national curriculum for primary school students,key stage one and key stage two. The questions are based on primary teaching.. There is 4 questions that need to be answered based on 2 National curriculum foundation subjects .The foundation subjects I would like you to write about are History and Computing. ) ( I would like 350 words , roughly for each questions answer.) (the answers can maintain a sense of personal attributes to them.) Useful Resource. National curriculum history website link: The Foundation Subjects include: Art, Computing, Design Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music, PSHE, PE and RE. Choose a subject you are comfortable with – you may have studied this for your degree – and a subject you are anxious about teaching – you may have stopped studying this in Year 8 or 9. Look at the National Curriculum for both of those subjects. Now consider: How does this curriculum content and curriculum subject contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum required by Ofsted? Is it enough to know the subject content, or are there other things which you need to know and understand too, in order to teach these subjects effectively? For all the foundation subjects, why do you think they have been included in the curriculum? What benefits do you think the subjects bring to children’s learning? How might your own areas of perceived strength and weakness influence how you approach the foundation subjects? What might this mean for your future practice as a teacher?

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