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According to the efficient market hypothesis, stock prices fully reflect availab

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Finance | 0 comments


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According to the efficient market hypothesis, stock prices fully reflect available information about the value of the firm, and there is no way for individuals or mutual funds to earn excess profits or outperform the market. But, is it true? We will play a simple investment game to test this hypothesis. In this week’s discussion, you are asked to recommend at least TWO stocks you would like to hold throughout the semester to maximize your return. Based on your recommendations and the class discussions, I will select the top 10 most recommended stocks to form a class portfolio with hypothetical $1,000,000 in week 4. We will use this portfolio to find out if it is an efficient investment to outperform the market. For each stock’s recommendation, you should act like a stock analyst to provide rationales about why investors should hold this stock. You are NOT required to write up a whole page research report to explain your reasons in detail, but you need to summarize some key aspects of why you pick up this stock. For example, you can talk about a company’s unique strategies, business model, new product development, customer satisfaction, etc. that you believe it would drive up the stock price. Some data, including P/E ratio, EPS, ROA, ROE, or statistics from the technical analysis, would be helpful for your classmates to understand the stock better. Each stock should be separated on different pages with the name of the company as the topic for each stock you want to discuss/recommend. Please present your points in a logical order. All thoughts, words, and ideas that are not your own must be referenced appropriately. You should cite references from magazines, newspapers, or books to build stronger arguments.

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