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Textbook 1: (H) Consumer Behavior – Buying, Having, and Being Michael R. Solomon

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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Textbook 1: (H) Consumer Behavior – Buying, Having, and Being Michael R. Solomon, 2017 Pearson ISBN.13: 978-0-134-12993-8 Questions 1: 1. Discuss the positive and negative consequences of today’s culture of participation that is enabled by social media platforms. 2. Explain the 3 systems of Freud’s personality theory. 3. Define problem recognition. Show how problems can arise. Give a brief example to illustrate the problem recognition process. 4. What characteristics of opinion leaders make them valuable sources for product information? Explain. Textbook 2: (S) Essentials of MIS Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon, 2019 Pearson ISBN.13: 978-0-134-80275-6 Questions 2: 1. Please read “Business Problem-Solving Case: Did Information Systems Cause Deutsche Bank to Stumble?” on pages 35-36 of your text and answer the following: What was the role of information technology at Deutsche Bank? How was IT related to the bank’s operational efficiency, decision-making capability, and business strategy? Was Deutsche Bank using technology effectively to pursue its business strategy? Explain your answer. 2. Please read “Business Problem-Solving Case: Facebook Privacy: Your Life for Sale” on pages 149-151 of your text and answer the following: Perform an ethical analysis of Facebook. What is the ethical dilemma presented by this case? What is the relationship of privacy to Facebook’s business model? Will Facebook be able to have a successful business model without invading privacy? Explain your answer. Are there any measures Facebook could take to make this possible? 3. Please read “Business Problem-Solving Case: Google, Apple, and Facebook Battle for Your Internet Experience” on pages 267-269 of your text and answer the following: Compare the business models and core competencies of Google, Apple, and Facebook. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile strategies of each firm. What is the significance of search to the success or failure of mobile computing? How have Apple and Facebook attempted to compete with Google? Will their strategies succeed? Explain your answer. 4. Please read “Business Problem-Solving Case: A Nasty Ending for Nasty Gal” on pages 387-388 of your text and answer the following: How was social media related to Nasty Gal’s business model? To what extent was Nasty Gal a “social” business? What people, organization, and technology problems were responsible for Nasty Gal’s failure as a business? Could Nasty Gal have avoided bankruptcy? Explain your answer.

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