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Instructions: Pick one of the prompts below and write an article of at least 300

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Instructions: Pick one of the prompts below and write an article of at least 300 words. 1. An open letter to a local person. They could be the mayor, the check-out person at the supermarket, maybe a teacher from your kids’ school? Anyone. Here is an example. (Minimum 500 words) 2. A list that outlines 5 ways you know people are from your area. Think Buzzfeed local, something like this but only 5 needed: 10 signs you are from Warrensburg. If you feel you are not familiar with Augusta-Waterville, ME enough, something like: “5 Ways to Spot an Augusta-Waterville, ME Parent” or something else Augusta-Waterville, ME-centric. Write in your own voice and be as hyperlocal as you can. 3. What’s something unique about Augusta-Waterville, ME that you think most people don’t know about? Write an article explaining what it is and why it matters. Make sure your story is at least 300 words and write in your own voice, crediting any sources accordingly. 4. If each Augusta-Waterville, ME neighborhood had its own secret Starbucks menu item, what would it be and why? Be as creative as you can, letting your own voice and sense of humor shine through in this article which should be a minimum of 300 words and include at least 5 different neighborhoods. 5. Is there a local Augusta-Waterville, ME urban legend or ghost story that fascinates you? Why? Write a 300+ word story detailing the legend and why it persists in Augusta-Waterville, ME to this date. 6. What stores/restaurants would you bring to Augusta-Waterville, ME if you could? List 10 retailers or restaurants you think your community needs, giving a detailed explanation for each one. 7. You’ve seen those crazy real estate listings, right? Use real estate sites to find a strange/crazy/unique house for sale in Augusta-Waterville, ME and write a story hyping it up! Include properly sourced photos and ensure that your story showcases the factors that make this listing worth checking out. 8. What is something that drives you CRAZY about drivers in Augusta-Waterville, ME? Write a story including at least 10 different reasons why drivers here are the WORST. Include a paragraph for each item, focusing on your thoughts and feelings.

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