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ONLY MY THESIS IS DUE BY THAT DATE. So I would rather have the rest of the paper

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ONLY MY THESIS IS DUE BY THAT DATE. So I would rather have the rest of the paper at a later date if thats rushing it. For the research paper, you must demonstrate an understanding of the course topics by evaluating an aviation organization’s leadership style, as demonstrated by a particular person (e.g. military General, politician, social change figure), project (e.g., Boeing 737 max, ATC NextGen), incident (e.g., United 232, Air Florida Flight 90 or 1977 Tenerife Accident), leadership theory (e.g. Myers Briggs, 16 Personalities, case studies), or action/reaction/inaction relative to market changes. Through your research and analysis consider the following questions, although they are not required content: Identify what was the organizational/leadership style of management. Did the organizational culture or specific leaders demonstrate risk-taking or risk-averse behaviors? Does the organization have a published set of values and if so, what are they? Have these values changed because of an internal or external incident? Has leadership changed and/or company culture changed? Consider how leadership principles discussed in this course may support the evolution of the current aviation and aerospace industry. examples: “The immediate cause for the crash of Colgan Air 3407 were the actions of the pilot in response to an impending stall, however this paper will demonstrate the cultural and leadership failures that contributed to the accident, well before it took flight.” or “This brief paper will demonstrate that inadequate training, organizational safety culture, and executive leadership were three contributing factors to the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407.”

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