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Assignment criteria/rubric

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Health Care | 0 comments


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Assessment steps:

1. Prepare a plan for a ‘Targeted intervention’ which would contribute to a ‘healthy cities’ approach, endorsed by the World Health Organization (see (Links to an external site.)).

In this assignment, your targeted plan should be designed for a specific town or city but may also focus on a setting or specific community within this city. Your targeted intervention, however, should address a specific health or social issue which is identified as a problem in the city you have selected.

While there are a number of different planning models reviewed in this unit (e.g. Precede-Proceed, the Logic Model), this first part of this assessment is based on a Generalised Planning Model.

Assessment 2 2022 Instructions.pdf Download Assessment 2 2022 Instructions.pdf *Please note, the instructions will be discussed in class and via an online session with your lecturer for Offcampus students.

Supporting Documents

TEMPLATE-A-Program-Planning-LogicModel.doc Download TEMPLATE-A-Program-Planning-LogicModel.docThis template is to be completed and attached to your assessment in the appendices, therefore you will need to download and save this document. Complete this document to support your assessment preparation and program planning.
Logic Task-Checklist-Steps-1-3 for Template.doc Download Logic Task-Checklist-Steps-1-3 for Template.docThis document is simply one to guide your planning however this is not attached to your assessment.
Assignment Criteria/Rubric
HST6510 Assignment 2 Marking Rubric PDF(1).pdf Download HST6510 Assignment 2 Marking Rubric PDF(1).pdf

Library Referencing Guide (Links to an external site.)
Academic IntegrityLinks to an external site.
Please note: This assessment was discussed in the Week 5 Workshop session and can be accessed under the Module 5 recording. Please note the following presentations from the Learning advisor can support your academic writing skills and Assessment 2 preparation: Learning advisor presentation Download Learning advisor presentationand librarian presentation Download librarian presentation.

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