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How are plants and animals affected?

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Natural science : Ecology | 0 comments


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Florida Everglades National Park
Ecosystem Descriptions
(9 total ecosystems) Tropical Hardwood Hammock, Pine
Rockland, Sawgrass Prairie, Cypress Dome, Sloughs, Mangroves, and the Florida Bay
Describe EACH ecosystem visited in detail (minimum 1 paragraph per ecosystem). Describe the major plant/animal communities and write about what they would look like, smell like, and sound like. Expectations are to use the lecture materials in conjunction with field trip information for this section. Give general form/shape and architecture for the ecosystems. ANY special characteristics (such as fire regimes, tolerances to water or salt, as well as hydroperiods) are to be covered.
Species Profile
Choose 1 NEW plant or 1 NEW animal for each field trip (one not already included on the flora/fauna list) to write a short (1 page) species profile. Include the scientific name, habitat preference, feeding habits, daily patterns and any other characteristic of note. Include references both in-text and in a bibliography for two primary literature sources, as well as any additional resources you use to collect the information. Also include a picture of the species (this does not have to be your own picture, but be sure to cite outside sources).
Anthropogenic Effects on the Ecosystems
How have humans impacted these ecosystems in the past and present? How are plants and animals affected? Consider various aspects including development, logging, hunting and nutrient pollution (provide dates and citations for the historical/current information). You can include BOTH positive and negative effects in this section (positive like habitat restoration, species specific conservation, planting trees, and removal of invasive species). Minimum 2 – paragraphs for this section.
Here list in an organized fashion any references at the end of the report that were used to enhance your field report. DO NOT GIVE ME JUST A WEBSITE LINK – I WANT TO SEE ORGANIZATION NAMES, DATES, AUTHOR NAMES, ETC. Use only reliable websites ending in .edu, or .gov.

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