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New jersey factory.

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Other : probability | 0 comments


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Part (a): Create a discrete probability distribution using the generated data from the following simulator: Anderson, D. Bag of M&M simulator. New Jersey Factory. Click on the simulator to scramble the colors of the M&Ms. Next, add the image of your generated results to the following MS Word document:  Discrete Probability Distributions Discrete Probability Distributions – Alternative Formats . Use the table in this document to record the frequency of each color. Then, compute the relative frequency for each color and include the results in the table.
Part (b): Compute the mean and standard deviation (using StatCrunch or the formulas) for the discrete random variable given in the table from part (a). Include your results in the MS Word document.
Part (c): Add a screenshot of the entire completed MS Word document to the discussion board as part of your discussion response (do NOT upload the MS Word document).
Part (d): Comment on your findings in your initial response and respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s findings.

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