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2.4 infrastructure & architecture requirements for the focal is

by | Sep 21, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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2.4 Infrastructure & Architecture Requirements for the Focal IS
5: Infrastructure and architecture components that are necessary in order to successfully implement or use this IS to support this business process are clearly discussed. If the organizational architecture / network is complex, a diagram is included to better illustrate it for the reader. (Note: I only expect a high-level discussion here; one paragraph is generally adequate unless you are studying a very large, complex process. Do not worry about getting overly “technical” in describing the organization’s hardware and software. Appropriate things to discuss include: how many computers can access the system, whether there are any dedicated servers on which the software runs, whether these servers are located on or off site, how all of the computers using the IS are networked together, whether the internet is used to access the system, etc.)

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