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1. Complete the personal and social identity worksheets by filling in the requisite boxes on the wheel’s outer rim and answering the questions within the wheel (see SWK 713 course materials for the social and personal identity wheel handouts).
2. View the YouTube Videos, Ellis, T. (2018). Ted Talk – The exceptional Negro: Fighting to be Seen in a Colorblind World. Traci Ellis., and Thomas. A. (2014), My Positionality–Adam Thomas.
3. Read Nishimoto, P., & Philpott, T. (n.d.). How social identity influences our experiences: Intersectionality. NASWWV.SocialWorkers. org.
4. Drawing from sections 1, 2, and 3, complete a two-page paper describing your intersecting identities, privileges, positionality, and how they might potentially impact your work as an anti-racist practitioner. In doing so, reflect on biases, blind spots, and areas of knowledge about differences (e.g., cultural, racial, political, religious, etc.) that you need to enhance.
the wheels are completed use the wheel to answer the following thank you

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