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Genetics & eugenics

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing | 0 comments


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Webquest:  Search for a recent (within 5 years or so) article or news clip related to an ethical issue related to genomics/genetics.  Suggested ethical issues to search for include those covered in our ethics lecture:
Genetics & Eugenics
Genetics & Preimplantation Selection of Embryos
Genetics & Confidentiality
Is someone ethically obligated to test and share information with family?
Are parents ethically obligated to test their children if they are at risk?
Genetic Discrimination Issues (Insurance or Employment)
Patient privacy versus a provider’s duty to warn
Is it ethical to patent the human genome?
Ethical issues surrounding gene therapy
For the discussion board, provide a link to your article or news story.  In 160-200 words, summarize the ethical issue for your classmates and describe how this may impact patient care and/or the profession of nursing.

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