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Describe your role in the work and provide a brief summary of research.***personal information:education:

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Program: PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Immunology concentration) at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai***Requirements:
In your own words, please discuss:
A. How your past education and work have prepared you for graduate study.
B. Your intended area of specialization and career plans.
C. Your relevant research experience or other scholarly activity. Please indicate when, where and with whom the work was done. Describe your role in the work and provide a brief summary of research.***Personal information:Education:
-2nd State Examination in Pharmacy (Master equivalent) at LMU Munich
-master’s in biology (Major in Immunology and Microbiology) at University College LondonExperience 1: Startup ABC Pharmaceuticals
-Clinical development of a therapeutic antibody against cBGF3
-Analysis of cBGF3 levels in studies with n=5000 patients
-Implementation of R scripts for automated analysis
-Development of an enzyme capture assay
-Co-author or a review on the clinical relevance and mode of action of the therapeutic targetExperience 2: Dermatotoxicology Study Center
– In-vitro CD154 upregulation assay for determination of contact allergen-specific T cell populations in human blood.
– TCR repertoire of allergen-specific T cells
-Results presented in format of a poster at the EAACI congress in 2021Experience 3: Thomas Lab
– Characterizing the immune landscape in the blood of CAR T treated lymphoma patients using single-cell spectral flow cytometry
– algorithm-guided high-dimensional analysis in R
– Identification of stratifying biomarker for response, toxicity and expansion/persistence of CAT T cells.
– FoundExperience 4: Klaus Lab
-Genome-wide CRISPR activation screen in human primary T cells, to research polarization of CD4 T cells
-Optimizing lentiviral transduction in human primary T cells
-just startedPersonal traits
-creative, independent, hard-working
-skilled in many experimental techniques and also ain dvanced bioinformatic analysisCareer ambition
-academic career, aim to become a professor
-advancing basic and translational research to develop new immunotherapeutic approaches for patientWhy this specific program?
-Research interest matches with the faculty (Immunotherapy, multi-omics/single cell technologies, forward genetics, translational immunology, systems immunology, synthetic immunology)
-Translational aspect, working with patient samples and close with the clinicians at Mount Sinai

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