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Submit map and explanation as one pdf document.
Geographical/Exposition Study: Present a series of 1-3 maps (which may be photocopied, scanned, or downloaded) and develop accompanying explanations to assist in the study of the Old Testament Prophets. They can have text on the maps but the student should indicate (highlighting, circling, etc.) the specific names or regions on the map so they can easily be noticed.
The second map could show the main cities and routes of ancient Canaan, especially those referred to in the Scriptures. Since this course covers the prophets, a map showing which countries the prophets addressed might be considered. Maps do not have to be original, but each map taken from a source should be properly footnoted.
Each map should be followed by at least a page (perhaps 2 or 3 might be needed for some maps that have a number of sites) which will contain:
1) a verse from the Prophets that refers to the site/region/country [if the term is not used in the Prophets then you should choose another verse where it is used],
2) a statement that describes how the information that is on the map helps one to appreciate of understanding the Scriptures when they refer to this place. Another way of saying this is how does the geographical knowledge on this map help one appreciate this geographical reference by the prophet?Joel
Hosea or Hoshea
(not JOB)

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