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How would you contribute to the discussion?

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Choose three (3) of the four (4) topics below and thoughtfully respond in 500 words for each. Your work must be supported by citing your set text and a minimum of two additional scholarly sources.

• Use APA 7th edition to cite in-text as well as your reference list at the end of your assessment response.
• Save and submit your assessment as a Word.doc or docx with your name and student ID number in the file name (Sally Brown_71245667).
• The total word count is 1500 words (+/- 10%). This includes all text (headings, in-text citations, captions and direct quotes). It excludes the Reference List.
• Make sure that you view your Turnitin report.
Topic 1.
Explain the following concepts in relation to a specific age group (Early childhood, Primary, or Secondary). For each concept, provide one implication for effective classroom teaching with a specific example of how this would look in your classroom.
• working memory
• encoding of information into long-term memory
• strategy knowledge and use
• cognitive flexibility
Topic 2.
Teachers are having a discussion in the staffroom. Stephanie says all children are creative, while Melanie disagrees, saying that finding an exceptionally creative person such as world-famous Van Gogh or Mozart is rare, particularly at school. How would you contribute to the discussion? Reference sources of your response and include ideas for supporting creativity in your classroom.
Topic 3.
According to Bandura, what shapes self-efficacy? Explain three practical ways a teacher can build positive self-perceptions in their students – what a teacher would do and why. How might one of these strategies vary in different cultures? How might you involve parents/carers? Focus on, and state, the age group you plan to teach.Marking Criteria:
• Comprehensive, accurate and clear explanations of the key aspects of the chosen topics, supported by scholarly sources (21 marks)
• Detailed, clearly explained, evidence-based, developmentally appropriate examples of strategies or implications (21 marks)
• Transcriptional elements of writing (8 marks)
• Academic Integrity (no marks)
Please read the rubric carefully to learn how your assessment will be marked.

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