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Proper proof-reading and editing

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A detailed analysis of the relationship between the early modern theatre audience and Francis Beaumont’s A Burning Pestle. The essay will reflect on the extent to which the play invites audience participation and what dramatic function said participation serves.Potential foci for Assessment 1 might include but are not limited to:The role of the audience
The act of spectatorship
The representation of actors and actingAdditional Tips:
Evidence of thoughtful engagement with the issues raised, and texts discussed, during the course
Evidence of an understanding of the historical and cultural context in which the text(s) chosen was/were written and read, and how the text(s) is/are informed by that context
Familiarity with primary and secondary texts
Evidence of independent critical thinking
The ability to structure and sustain an argument
Clarity and fluency of expression
Proper proof-reading and editing

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