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A reference list citing your sources in apa style.

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You will be creating a podcast. But first, you will select one topic you would like to research. Then select the educational psychological concept you will use to explain your topic. (Topic and concept given below)

Topic: The role of Emotion in learning

Concept: Cognitivism

Then create a Microsoft Word document that includes:

1. The title for your podcast episode (be creative!!!)

2. A description of your topic (1 paragraph);

3. A description of your educational psychological concept and how you plan to apply it to your topic (1 paragraph);

4. A reference list citing your sources in APA style. You should have at least one citation in addition to your course readings (e.g., a news article describing your current event, an article from PEW Research Center showing some data)

(An example is given in the uploads/files of how this should all look)

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