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What are major differences with what jesus taught in the gospel of john?

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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An expansion on the bullet information given from the Data Sheet on World Religions (see below). The report should be about 2 pages in length. An file example of an IR report on Christianity is attached below and may be used to help you organize your reports. You may organize the report information as you desire, but ensure to address each area. You will find a lot of information, so work it down to the basics for the report. The key is your ability to think critically about the ideas of comparison and contrast with Christianity. Use the large areas here as your paper’s structure and primary headings: Monotheism or Pluralism, Salvation, Afterlife, Heaven/Hell, Suffering and Justice for some examples. What are major differences with what Jesus taught in the gospel of John? Especially regarding the type of God (Monotheism or Pluralism) and the issues of Sin, Salvation, Afterlife, Heaven/Hell The paper should be on Hinduism

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