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What are your objectives in writing the section you have chosen to develop?

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I will provide the articles for this writing assignment.
Draft Writing Instructions: First reflect on what you have learned about what a literature review is supposed to accomplish. What are your objectives in writing the section you have chosen to develop? Who is your audience? Always write to further the reader’s understanding of the area/problem and how it leads to or supports the rational for some part of your research. Develop a clear line of argument in this section. Use the critical notes you made from the reading and evaluation of the literature you have done and develop and express a balanced academic opinion. Remember that there must be a clear link between your own arguments and the evidence found in the literature. Include a short summary at the end of each sub-section that draws conclusions. Also acknowledge opinions which do not agree with your thesis. If you ignore opposing viewpoints, your argument will be weaker. Finally draw a conclusion at the end of the section you develop.Structure:
• Introduction; think about why this section is being included in your literature review, make a statement, also outline what will be discussed in this section.
• Brake this one major section into sub-sections; use summary synthesis, compare and contrast, chronological, historical, etc. as the organizational pattern you deem appropriate for the section you are writing. Draw a conclusion for each sub section.
• End with a summary conclusion for the entire section, bring all of your subsection conclusions together and combine with the overarching conclusion to write this component.Formatting
• Write 10 pages double spaced.
• Use Areal 10 font or Times New Roman 12.
• Use AMA reference style; this can be an extra page and should not be double spaced.
• Use the correct AMA in text citation.
• Include a turnitin originality report with each draft.

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