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Which in turn cut-down staffing cost.

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We have been asked to identify a service innovation and implement change management. I have therefore decided to introduce/innovate (Anti-bedsore Turnover Cushion) a multifunctional device to aid turning bedridden patients in bed. The device will enable only 1 healthcare staff to attend to the needs of patients instead of 2 staff. Which in turn cut-down staffing cost. It will further allow easy access when cleaning patients in bed, changing their pads, elevating their legs, turning patients over to prevent pressure sores etc. I have attached a link which will enable the writer to watch a video demonstrating how the device works. I have also attached the learning outcome. Please refer to the Francis report, winterbourne report and link it to the innovation essay or other recent health reviews highlighting patients negligence or failures to provide quality healthcare services. And please include evidence-based data/literature and please lot of database literature like EBSCO Information Service

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