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field hand’s version

by | Nov 9, 2022 | History | 0 comments


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This is a written assignment. I am the only one who will read your response. Please be sure you cite in this assignment. I need to see what you see and find the same info. See How to Cite in the first module for additional help.

In this assignment, I want you to explore several multi-media sites to get a better idea of slavery. Read the chapter, of course, but also look at the following:

This web page has the famous photo and short biography of the escaped slave Gordon, whose back shows massive scars from whippings. Some of the links may be broken, but you can read the story and see some of the pictures.

Here is a drawing of a slave being flogged around 1850.

Here are some sites for slave songs. The first link contains recorded songs from the 1930s. You can click on as many as you want, but listen to “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.” The second link is a video of Bruce Springsteen’s version of “O Mary Don’t You Weep,” a slave song. The other links are recordings of the same slave song. While there have been a lot of renditions of this song, you might also want to go to iTunes and listen to how some versions are slow and sad and others are peppy and toe-tapping.

Bruce Springsteen’s Version

Chorale’s Version

Field Hand’s Version

This essay by the historian Nell Irvin Painter examines the psychological aspects of slavery on both blacks and whites, especially children.

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