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Summarize, in your own words all 23 components + the 2 from the rule in your paper.

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This term paper involves a review of Florida Statute 491 and Rule 64B4, or certification requirements, and their impact on the public. FS491 is the statute that sets the rules, regulations, and guidelines for the profession of mental health counseling (as well as social work and marriage and family therapy). It is the law that sets the standards for licensure. These rules illustrate minimal legal standards of practice similar to those set in many states. If you live or plan to practice as a mental health counselor in a state other than Florida, you can choose to write this paper on the laws of your state (I recommend this!). In addition, it is important to understand the difference between licensure and certification (becoming a national certified counselor, a certification provided by the National Board for Certified Counselors). In particular, your task is to read law FS491 in its entirety and sections 2 and 31 of Rule 64B4 (only sections 2 & 31), and write a paper summarizing these statutes in your own words (easy enough!). In other words, you will become familiar with the 23 components of FS 491 (there are 26 sections but do not cover the 3 sections that are specifically for social workers: .0145, .015, and .016) and 2 component of Rule 64B4 (2 and 31). Hint: Even if social workers and marriage and family therapists are mentioned in FS 491, you do not need to write about these professions. Summarize, in your own words all 23 components + the 2 from the Rule in your paper. I need to be able to ascertain that you understand the requirements of the licensure law. The source for this part of your paper is the Department of Heath web page Links to an external site.. Your two references are Rule 64B4 and FS 491. From this resource page, scroll down and click on Florida Statutes and Administrative Codes. There you will find links to FS Chapter 491 and Administrative Code 64B4. Click on each individual code to read it. In addition, go to Links to an external site.and summarize the information about (1) what certification means, (2) the benefits of certification, and (3) the process of becoming both an NCC and a CCMHC. Then write a clear and distinct paragraph comparing and contrasting licensure and certification (similarities and differences). Your reference for this part of the assignment is the NBCC website. Once you are done with these 3 sections, address in a separate paragraph with a distinct heading the impact that licensure and certification have on the public – in particular, on our clients and public policy. Via this assignment, you will search the licensure statutes and the requirements for becoming an NCC. Grade: 8 points Students can receive up to 8 points for this term paper based on content, own writing (not cutting/pasting or copying the rules and standards; must re-write on your own words), and inclusion of pertinent information as outlined above. No APA style of writing required (no abstract, no title page, no page limit required, single or double spaced is fine), but make sure you clearly use headings to separate the 4 components of this assignment (licensure, certification, comparison/contrast, and the effects of these issues on the public and public policy). And make sure you have an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page! (2. F. 1. g.; CMHC 5. C. 2. i.; CMHC 5. C. 2. l.).

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