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Write a goal statement and plan the presentation.

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The job of an introduction is to get the audience’s attention, involve the audience, establish the speaker’s credibility, and state the thesis. In a closing, a speaker should sum up his main points and focus on the purpose of the speech.
Your goal is to inform the audience or persuade them to take some action. Select a topic related to business or a current event (please identify the topic in the video prior to reciting your opening). Write a goal statement and plan the presentation. Develop a creative opening, and create an effective, unforgettable closing. Rehearse the presentation several times, and deliver it on video.
Please record a video and submit only the introduction and closing of the speech based on the scenario. Please remember to use lessons learned throughout the term and use appropriate energy and emotion. The video should be at least 2 minutes in length.
I will record a video so write this like speaker

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