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What the results mean.

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Biology | 0 comments


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I want a summary of this article but must be include these 3 components which are introduction, body and discussion!
Introduction is the background information before the study which is half is in the abstract and the rest is in the 2 paragraphs.Body paragraphs are each figure which are 4 figures so it should be 4 different body paragraphs. In this format for each body paragraph, start off with the technique being used. Next, put the results of the experiments. Finally, you end each body paragraph off with a conclusion of what was concluded by the results.Discussion contains 2 parts. The first half is the summary of the results. what the results mean. The second half of the discussion is what was concluded by the paper. The discussion if you read the paper comes from the very last paragraph of the paper!
Please no quoting from the article at all and follow the rubric
Thanks ?? much appreciated

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