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In that draft i broke down for you in the template format.

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Dear wriiter I have attached the instructions for this paper.I also attached 1400 words drafted paper you need to add 3 pages on it. In that draft I broke down for you in the template format. i sectioned it for you after you follow the requirements for each section erase the sections make it one full paper.This paper needs alot research which I didn’t do that in my draft you need research, use the book and add you ideas as well to complete this work make sure you use the book for the section its mentioned, also use at least 5 peer reviewed article and 2 scholoarly article and use the book as well complete the paper where I lack make sure your read each section carefully and answer and provide refernce accordingly use in text citations dont forget to use the book as well. I provided you everything you need please work on my draft and ask me any questions where you need clatification. Use the APA format follow the format below for APA its required.

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