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Don’t write like an essay.just follow the instructor.audiencechoose a stakeholder to receive an explanation of your decision.

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please chose audience recipients first. then follow up test. I did this before and always had to revise it. so, please look at the screenshot and follow from there. don’t write like an essay.just follow the instructor.AudienceChoose a stakeholder to receive an explanation of your decision. If you believe the decision should not be made public, then write a note to yourself.– Choose a recipient —
SubjectStart with a phrase that clearly identifies the purpose of your communication. Like the title of a paper or the subject line of an email, a few short words are all you need. A good subject line is engaging and concise, anticipating the conversation but saving the details for later.(Limit of 30 words)
0 Words. You have 30 words left.
Background of the ProblemProvide a quick summary of the problem with enough detail so the recipient knows what the issue is and why action is necessary. You may want to refer to the issue statement you identified as a way to frame the problem. A good background draws the audience into the conversation.(Limit of 400 words)
0 Words. You have 400 words left.
Statement of DecisionIn a sentence, clearly and concisely state your decision. A good statement is understandable, considers the others involved, and connects with your audience.(Limit of 150 words)
0 Words. You have 150 words left.
Reasons for the DecisionNow, give the reasons behind your decision. Defend your choice using the language of the ethical framework you used. A good decision statement uses the norms of both ethical lenses, uses logic and emotion to frame the solution, and presents a compelling solution to the problem. The reason to use multiple lenses is to convince your reader no matter what their own ethical preferences are.(Limit of 400 words)
0 Words. You have 400 words left.
Forward-Looking ConclusionThe final sentences tell the recipient what the decision means for them and the other stakeholders while leaving the door open for further conversation. A good conclusion is clear, presents a path forward, and is inspiring.If you have chosen to write a note to yourself, your conclusion should instead focus on your goals for further improvement or the steps you would take to avoid repeating the problem in the future.(Limit of 200 words)
0 Words. You have 200 words left.

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