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Give examples to support your answer.1.

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Examine how organizations and even individuals have been innovative in response to CSR demands. Give examples to support your answer.1. Submission Instructions:
• The paper is to be CLEAR and CONCISE. Title, Abstract, Introduction, Sub-Topics-referencing above, and Conclusion.
• The paper must be 7 pages long, in the current APA 7th. Edition style, excluding the title and references page.
• Incorporate a minimum of 10 current references (published within the last five years) from scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions).
• Support all statements of fact with scholarly evidence and citations with proper APA 7 style to include URLs or doi.
• Synthesis of multiple sources and paraphrasing is expected – do not use direct quotes.2. Key Points:
• Identification of Main Issues/Problems
• Analysis and Evaluation of Issues/Problems
• Demonstrates a Conceptual Understanding
• Use of Citations to Course Readings and Additional Research/Literature
• Writing Mechanics and APA 7th. Edition Style Formatting Guidelines

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