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Do not include your opinion about your topic.

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Research Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to build an understanding of various issues facing business and society today. This assignment will require heavy research. Through this research you will:
• Learn the background history of the chosen topic
• Discover why this topic is controversial
• Explain both sides of the controversy
• Develop an opinionInstructions
Individual Research Project: Controversial Issues in Business and Society
Choose a Controversial Business Issue/Topic. Here are some example topics,
• We need a minimum wage so that companies do not take advantage of their employees
• Casual dress codes are beneficial for the company.
• Happy employees do a better job.
• Social media sites should be blocked at work.
• The minimum wage should be raised.
• Employees that work from home are more productive.
• Companies should be allowed to drug test their employees.
• We need laws to regulate the unpredictability of part-time schedules.
• Companies should be forced to provide health care to full-time employees.
• Companies should be forced to provide health care to part-time employees.This assignment has two parts: Final Research Paper and Presentation
Along with the paper, you will create a brief video presentation with PowerPoint slides to go along with the research paper.
Instructions: The Final Paper
The Final Paper should be written in full sentence, paragraph form and include the following information:
1. APA Citations: Full APA cover page, an abstract, in-text citations, and a final reference list.
2. Section Headings: You must include these section headings A – E:
 Create a question regarding the selected topic that will be answered throughout the duration of the project.
 The question is designed to give a clear focus to the content of the project. Be careful not to develop a question that is too vague or too specific. A vague question can cause confusion, while a specific question can create limitations.
 Example: If the chosen topic is Women should get one year paid maternity leave; the question could be: Should women be given one year paid maternity leave?
 An overview of why this topic is considered controversial. Do not include your opinion about your topic.
 Example: What makes paid maternity leave controversial?
 We have FMLA, why do we need anything else?
 Maternity leave is a huge burden to a woman’s employer. Why should the company pay extended absences for workers who are not contributing?
 Becoming a mother is a choice, so why should others have to pay for your choice?
 But it is unfair to men who have children, or other women in the workplace who choose not to have kids.
 Fine, take paid maternity leave, but just know that it is going to increase the wage gap.
 Why can’t you leave this to individual companies or states to work out? Why does it have to be mandated?
 A full explanation of the two sides of the controversy. Various outside sources are required. The two arguments may include popular opinion, but also must be based in stated FACTS.
 What are the two sides of the argument?
 Why do people think what they think?
 What facts can be given to support each argument?
 Example: If my topic were “Women should get one year paid maternity leave”; I would discuss pros and cons of both sides.
 An explanation on the status of the issue today.
 Example: Here you can research current news about your topic. Is there any new legislation? Are there business trends emerging?
 A final summary of your personal position on the issue.
 Think for yourself. What side of the argument do you personally agree with? Why do you agree with one side (stating facts and opinion) and why do you disagree with the other side (stating facts and opinion)?
 Research Question
 Overview of Controversy
 Arguments For & Arguments Against
 In the News
 My Opinion

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