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Do not use direct quotes.

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I need detailed information about End of Life: Palliative Care and Hospice Care For a client with Lung Cancer. Please type the information on the template. I have attached the ATI System Disorder Template for you to use to provide this information. Please include in-text citations. Do NOT use direct quotes. Use scholarly journal references within the last 5 years. Also use this textbook as a reference: Harding, M. M., Kwong, J., Roberts, D., Reinisch, C., & Hagler, D. (2020). Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems (11th ed.). Elsevier. APA Format Times New Roman 12pt font. Whenever you get a new idea or quote your reference in the body of the template, you must mention the author immediately in the template. Do not just put the reference at the end of the column. On the second page list the references you used on a Word Document in APA format.

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