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Australian health performance framework map (pdf)

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Healthcare&Medicine | 0 comments


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***Please also refer to attached documents***Clinical governance at the system level and the organisational level requires constant monitoring of specific indicators. According to Donebedian (2005), there are three different types of indicators: structural, process and outcome indicators.Your task
• WORD Limit: 1500 words
• Reference/s: 15 +/-
• Writing style: APA 7thRefer to the *indicator below from the Australian Health Performance Framework (AHPF) and describe:
a) whether it is a structural, process or outcome indicator; and
b) what domain of the AHPF this indicator represents, to set it in context
Critically discuss the effectiveness of this chosen indicator in monitoring clinical governance in this context, and whether it should or should not be included in the AHPF (ie the pros and cons of its usefulness as a performance indicator in the domain it is in).*Indicator, as per the AHPF website
• Determinants of health
o Personal biomedical factors
 Prevalence of overweight and obesityPlease refer to attached documents also:
Australian Health Performance Framework Map (PDF)
AHPF – Prevalence of Overweight obesity, 2020 – metadata (PDF)
A Model for Measuring Quality Care (PDF) – in reference to Donabedian (2005)

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