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1. Locate written instructional material for use in this assignment. I prefer you use something that is actually being used with patients where you work or something you were given as a patient if possible. If not, you can find something on the internet to use.
2. Scan a copy of the material (or a couple of pages if it is very long) to attach along with your assignment.
3. Use the evaluation form in your text Box 12.1 to evaluate the material you have chosen.
4. Write a one page evaluation of the instructional material you chose. Reflect on how well (or poorly) the material met (or didn’t meet) each of the criteria on the evaluation form. Explain why it met the criteria or why not, based on what you learned in your reading this week. I don’t just want your opinion, back it up with references from your reading.
5. Outside of the criteria on the checklist, can you identify anything else about the material that makes it a success or failure? Explain.
6. Prepare your paper on your word processor, then attach the document to the assignment link when complete.
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