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However, please present this work as a business report, not as an essay.

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MNE – Unilever Assignment Title: You have been asked by your organisation (use the same MNE from Assignment 1) to build upon your narrated presentation by creating a strategic business plan for its international expansion. This business plan should recommend an international strategy which the institution should pursue for the next five years. Choose which country it would invest in next. If your MNE is from a developed country, choose an emerging country and vice versa.Specifically, the MNE wishes you to cover the following content:1. Which country it should invest in next and why?You should assess favourability of location based on the firm’s strategic goals, Its resources/capabilities, institutional environment, host market environment.2. What FDI mode of entry should it choose and why?3. What strategy and structure should it choose to organise its operations in that country and why?4. What are the ethical, social responsibility and sustainability issues it should take into consideration in that country?Instructions/Guidance:You should use theories, concepts and frameworks you have encountered in the Module to design the strategic plan.For the purposes of this hypothetical business situation, you are permitted to pretend that the MNE is not currently present in that country, even if that is not the case in real life.Please write academically in full sentences and paragraphs (use bullet points only when necessary). However, please present this work as a business report, not as an essay. Therefore, please intersperse the text with visual ‘evidence’ to underpin your recommendations and substantiate your analysis. This can be a combination of charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, tables, and screenshots, and other forms of data presentation.Please do not provide an appendix. You should aim not simply to give descriptions and explanations, but to provide critical analysis of different theories and strategies within the context of your chosen organisation, its objectives, its international environment, and its stakeholders.

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