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For the quantitative study you are going to design and conduct an experiment. Co

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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For the quantitative study you are going to design and conduct an experiment.
Correlational studies are NOT allowed!
Each group will conduct a study in the following area:
Maths Anxiety – In this area, studies may look at how maths anxiety impacts on the performance of mental arithmetic tasks.
Group members will then seek out background material/literature on the chosen research area and formulate a research question and testable hypothesis that is grounded in the literature.
Due to the nature of the study, you will use an independent samples design. You will have one independent variable (IV) with two levels (Maths Anxiety Group: High or Low) and just one dependent variable (DV) the maths test scores.
You will be given a data set (see attachment) and you will be able to collect an additional portion of the data for yourselves if you wish. This will involve designing a study, using the details provided, that would allow you to collect the data provided and (if possible) to add to it. you will need to create certain participant-facing materials that would allow you to collect the data provided or more of it.
If it is not possible to collect additional data for any reason, then you will simply be able to use the data provided.
Once all the data has been collected the group will pool the data to form a single data set. Once the data set has been generated each individual group member will then analyse the data, decide whether the data supports your hypothesis (or not) and produce an individual report (see Report Writing Guidelines attachment) of the study. You will write up the report as if you conducted the study and collected the data.
Remember that the analysis and write-up of the report is individual!
The model data set for your maths anxiety study is attached below.
I’ve provided the basics of the design (IV, DV etc.). It will be up to you to work out the finer details (the type of design, appropriate analyses etc.) and of course to engage with the relevant literature. You will need to determine the sample size (this can be worked out from the data set provided), you will also need to produce the relevant participant-facing materials that would allow you to collect this data or more of it.I’ve included the test materials below. You will need to produce the documents required in order to present the materials to your participants though.
The test materials will need to be presented in such a way that would enable you to collect the data from actual participants.
I’ve included the maths anxiety rating scale and the mental arithmetic task (and answers).
*THIS IS THE FEEDBACK RECEIVED BY MY PROFESSOR ON THE CURRENT PAPER I HAVE ASKED YOU TO EDIT* :Things you did well:- Your introduction is very good.-Your writing is generally clear-There is a good effort in running the statistical analysisThings you need to improve:- It looks that you have not used the dataset that was given to you in the assessment material. As a result your statistical analysis are not performed correctly. The analysis that you have chosen are correct but you have used the wrong dataset. You can omit all the normality checks and all the graphs which are not a requirement for the assessment.-Please formulate specific hypothesis that apply to your research- Please consider rewriting the participants section including information on the actual sample.The file labelled : Additional report example is just an example report.
The file labelled : Quantitative report referral is the document that needs editing. Please remember to use the feedback to know what I need to improve. Remember to use the Model data and the Test Materials which are the attached files Model Data maths anxiety (model data), Mental arithmetic problems (Test materials), Maths Anxiety Scale (Test materials).
Thank you.

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