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I need to do a draft about walking the benefits of walking I need to have Write

by | Nov 23, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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I need to do a draft about walking the benefits of walking I need to have Write a 600-word essay making an argument on some aspect of the benefits of walking or a related theme. Apply Prof. K’s comments from your previous your draft but make a strong effort to re-envision the content as needed so that your essay offers a persuasive, meaningful claim/argument for the reader. You may reference the Fleming article (or a relevant reading) BUT only to bolster your argument. If using an outside source, paraphrase rather than use direct quotes and see the paraphrasing handout for help.
9-10 = Strong effective writing with minimal revision needed; 8-9 = Good effort and relatively persuasive content but may need some revision; 7-8 = On the right track but ideas need elaboration or more compelling ideas need to be included; 6= some effort is present but content is difficult to understand; requires considerable revision to make meaning for the reader; below 6 =minimal to no effort or demonstrates misunderstanding of the writing task

Evaluation Criteria:
Introductory paragraph – introduces the topic and quickly draws readers into the main argument of the essay, allowing readers to know what to expect in the body content.
___Good?___ Passing??___ Getting there??___ Needs work?

Thesis Statement – appears in the introductory paragraph and raises the specific point, argument, or claim that the essay will explore in the body.
___Good?___ Passing??___ Getting there??___ Needs work?

Body Paragraphs – open with a topic sentence that demonstrates a relationship to the thesis but also introduce the main idea of the body paragraphs.
___Good?___ Passing??___ Getting there??___ Needs work?

Conclusion – attempts to go beyond merely repeating body content
___Good?___ Passing??___ Getting there??___ Needs work

Minimal mistakes ___ ????Mistakes are present but meaning is usually clear ____
Mistakes impede meaning ____

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