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Please choose any of the essay titles and do this task. The purpose of this exer

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Please choose any of the essay titles and do this task.
The purpose of this exercise is (a) to get you thinking critically about the way you conduct research; (b) to familiarise you with the range of research tools; and (c) to test your ability to present your bibliographical citations in a professional manner as a list of ‘Works Cited’, appended to your essay.
Choose one of the questions from the list of essay titles. This does NOT have to be the question you will actually write your essay about.
Having chosen your question, reflect on the issues it raises and identify your primary sources. Before you start researching a topic, you must have identified a starting point. Simply putting the title of a book or poem into Google is not research. It is guesswork. Work out what might be the key words or ideas and use these to guide your initial research. Your aim should be to begin researching with a sketch of your argument. For the purposes of this exercise that can be a very rough sketch indeed.
Then proceed to the following:
1. Write up a list of 8 items that you think will help you (a) provide contextual information necessary for your introduction and exposition and (b) develop your argument. Use at least 3 different types of references (e.g. book, journal article, newspaper article, chapter in edited book, dictionary). If you find a website make sure it is an academic one; assess its authority before you use it. The bibliographical references must be in accordance with the recommended style guide as appropriate to each type of item.
2. Your list overall should reflect an awareness of the politics of referencing, and how they connote an understanding of (a) what identities, experiences, and perspectives are represented, and (b) whose contributions to knowledge are valid or important.
3. Write a brief description (200 words max) of the research process you used to identify the items. You should include information about a) which search tools you used (e.g. suggested readings from the module, library catalogue, google scholar) b) which key words you used and c) how you narrowed your search down.
4. Write a brief justification (300 words max) for the choice of the items included in the list. This can be a brief note on each item, or a paragraph justifying the selection overall.
Please use this guide for how to make the bibliography, it is attached.
SPLAS Style Guide Referencing and Bibliography
A comprehensive guide to how to cite your sources in the body of your essay and in your list of ‘Works Cited’.
Please refer to this detailed guide for clear guidance on how to cite each different type of text you are likely to need to reference in your assignments and essays.
Start by having a look at the Quick Guide (section 6, pp.19-20) at the end of the Guide for an introductory overview.
Use the bookmarks pane which opens up on the left for easy navigation of the sections for more detailed guidance on each type of source.

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