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What is the most effective method of nutritional assessment in older adult patie

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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What is the most effective method of nutritional assessment in older adult patients who are admitted to the hospital?
Introduction (approx. 300-400 words)
• Introduce your assignment by clearly outlining the use of the CINAHL database to search for studies on the research question, select 5 studies from your search, discuss each study, highlight key points in your conclusion, and explain the implication of the assignment for your profession.
 Choose 5 articles/pieces of literature peer-reviewed related to the question from the search, describe them and comment on why you chose them, their findings, and their relevance to your nursing practice.
• Define and discuss the importance of evidence-based practice in relation to adult nursing.
• Relate to the NMC code the importance of evidence-based practice in nursing.Search (approx. 800 words)
• Clearly state the search terms or keywords in your chosen research question.
• Clearly outline how you performed your literature search by using CINAHL database, inclusion and exclusion criteria, full text, articles in English, peer-reviewed articles, and publication dates, PICO method etc
 CINAHL database, search terms, Boolean operators, and other filters are used to provide a rationale for these decisions with references.
• State the titles or authors of the five studies you have selected from the literature search.
• Briefly state your rationale for your search decisions and included references.
• Include copies of your search in the appendices.Discussion (approx. 1000 -1200 words)
Discuss the five studies in separate paragraphs, about 200 words for each, for example:
• The first study was by … (state authors). The purpose of the study … (explain the purpose). The study was conducted using… (for example, qualitative or quantitative research methods.
The participant sampling methods they used … (for example, purposive or randomised sampling). The data collection methods they used … (for example, interviews or questionnaires). The data analysis methods … (for example, thematic, coding, or statistic). The study found … (include key findings or results of the study).
• The second, third, fourth and last study by (repeat same approach as above in separate paragraph).
 Remember to use research terminology, i.e., quantitative, qualitative, systematic review, and national guidance and provide definitions to explain these terms.What does each piece of literature report/recommend? ALL 5 PAPERS NEED TO BE PEER-REVIEWED AND HAVE PRIMARY EVIDENCE.
 Paper 1 Cite a source for what a phase 2 RCT is, what primary research is;
 Paper 2 cite; secondary source (; cite RCT; GRADE methodology; Qual or Quan
 Paper 3 cite; qualitative or quantitative etc
 Paper 4; what is a journal article, scholarly vs academic etc
 Paper 5; what is a guidelineConclusions (approx. 200-300 words)
• Summarise how you conducted the search, including database and search limiters.
• Summarise key findings of the five studies you selected.
• State that your original question has been answered (i.e., draw the key points from chosen articles/literature pieces). Please link back to the QUESTION and answer it.
Nutritional screening aims to quickly identify patients at a high risk of not getting enough nourishment.
 Discuss and compare the five pieces of literature found
 Answering the essay question
 Carefully identify the paper’s primary claimImplications for practice (approx. 200-300 words)
• State the knowledge you have had because of the evidence you have found.
• Explain what further information or gaps in evidence you would like to know about.
• Explain the implication of the knowledge gained for your practice as an adult nurse.
 Discuss NMC’s role, Gibbs reflective cycle six stages of evaluation evidenced based and findings in the 5-literature review.
Use the LSBU-HARVARD referencing style for in-text citations and reference list.

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