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YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TO PASS THIS CLASS.Essay Draft and FeedbackThis week, the

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YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TO PASS THIS CLASS.Essay Draft and FeedbackThis week, there are two different components to this culminating assignment.1) First, you must write a rough draft of your final essay. Your essay should be at least 6 pages (counting your Title and References pages). You save this draft as a .doc or .docx file and attach it to your week’s first post. This is due as your initial post before the end of this Wednesday, MST. See the bottom of this prompt for a detailed description of what your final essay should eventually include in its final form.2) Second, you will reply to each of your peer’s drafts with feedback. You can leave this feedback on a draft of their paper using one of two methods: a) You can download their Word document and comment on it directly (either by typing notes in the document or using the “Insert” function in word to “Add Comment” where needed). If you do this method, save it and then attach it as a reply to your peer’s initial post. b) You can provide your detailed feedback in a text reply to their initial post.You must return your peers’ feedback by the end of Sunday, MST, of this academic week for credit. Use these guidelines to provide feedback for your peers:How does the author engage readers in the introduction? In other words, how do they hook their readers?
Find the thesis of the paper: how might the author make this more vivid? How could the author get the reader to more strongly identify with the thesis? How does the author connect with you, the reader?
Did it feel like there were any gaps in the narrative, or important details were missing? If so, how might the author address these issues in a revised draft?
Find the meaning: How does the author indicate the importance of the issue? Is this reason clear and compelling?
How does the author discuss the context of the issue?
What suggestions and/or questions do you have?
Do you see obvious APA errors?
Are there obvious spelling, grammar, or mechanical errors?
Do you see any evidence of plagiarism?
What was your favorite part of the essay? Please be specific in this response.
Once you receive feedback from your peers, you can begin reviewing it and applying it to your draft for next week’s updates as appropriate.

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